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Masha & The Bear Puzzle

Description: The Wait Is Over For All The Great Future Superheroes. Presenting To You A Power-Packed Set Of 3 Jigsaw Puzzles Equipped With One Of The Most Famous Fictional Superhero Spider-Man, Created By Writer-Editor Late Stan Lee And Writer-Artist Late Steve Ditko Along With Some More Fictional Characters Is Here For All The Marvel Superhero Fans. This Attractive Set Comprising Of The 3 Colorful Jigsaw Puzzles Is Intended For Beginners Of 5 Years Of Age And Above. Each Of These Jigsaw Puzzles Comprising 60 Pieces Is A Must For Kids Of 5 Years Of Age And Above To Improve Their Visual Skills, Mnemonic Skills, Concentration Power, Ability To Solve Problems, And Much More. There Are A Total Of 9 Unique Characters Depicted In These Jigsaw Puzzles, Each Of Them Having A Minimum Of 3 Characters Printed On Them. The Child Will Master The Art Of Patience And Boost His/Her Memory After Assembling All The Pieces Together In The Correct Manner. This Creative Masterpiece Of Dimension 35 X 23.5 Cm Is An Efficient Plays And Learns Technique Which Is Not Only Fun Purpose But Also An Educational Tool That Will Create A Major Impact On The Concentration Level Of Your Child And Promote Overall Development. The First Jigsaw Puzzle Depicts The Main Fictional Superhero Spider-Man Along With 4 Villains From This Series Green Goblin (Spider- ManS Greatest Enemy), Lizard, Venom, And Rhino. The Second Jigsaw Puzzle Depicts Spider-Man Along With The Other Superheroes Kid Arachnid And Ghost-Spider. The Third Jigsaw Puzzle Depicts Spider-Man Along With Spider-Man 2099 Who With A Futuristic Costume Is Equipped With High-Tech Gear. O’Hara Set Out To Undo The Damage Done To The World By Alchemax, Becoming A New Spider-Man For The Year 2099. This Puzzle Also Depicts Spider-Man Symbiote Suit. When Spider-Man First Donned This Slick Black Suit Of Unknown Origin, He Couldn’t Believe His Luck. The New Costume Not Only Enhanced His Already Tremendous Spider-Strength, But It Could Also Actually Reshape Itself Based On His Mental Commands, Mimicking Civilian Clothing And Providing An Unlimited Source Of Webbing. The Vivid Colors, Various Shapes, And Each Character Being Unique In Terms Of Their Physical Appearance Will Pique Your Childs Interest And Improve Their Problem-Solving Skills. Each Of Them Wearing A Different Outfit All Multicolored. Not Only Will They Learn To Develop Patience And Other Qualities But They Will Also Improve Their Time Management Skills While Assembling The Pieces Together. Above All Your Child Will Love Playing With His/Her Favorite Superheroes.

Age: 7+ Years

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