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How can Parents Engage their Kids in Screen-Free Activities?

Non-screen activities are the need of the hour, especially when the kids are involved in television, mobiles, online lectures, online assignments and various such stuff. Screen time affects children’s overall development, and they become habituated to remaining indoors and refraining from outdoor activities. Therefore, it is important for you as a parent to involve your kids in screen-free activities.


But, here the question arises: Is any such activity suitable for your kids and can provide them with screen-free time? If you are in such doubts, this is the right place to get all your answers.


Fun Activities to Keep Your Children Engaged in Screen-Free Time

As a parent, it is your most important concern as you do not want your children to be engaged in screens all the time. So, the following are some of the screen-free activities for toddlers that you can perform.


Crafting New Things

Crafts and origami are brilliant ways to keep your children engaged in new activities, try their creativity, and find innovative ways to make new things. So, try some crafting activities with children to help them reduce their screen time.


Board Games

You can also involve your children in chess or other such games. This will help your children reduce their screen time and get an idea of a new game. Board games also help them learn patience, sportsmanship and other such skills. Therefore, it is beneficial and the best parenting tip for toddler parents to involve their children in board games.



Camping is a brilliant way to imbibe natural and outdoor feelings among children. You can take your kids to some forest or hilly areas for camping, learning new things, gazing at the natural beauty of the environment and looking at the birds and plants. This is another important activity that will help your kids improve their eyesight. It is said in a research that watching natural greenery helps to improve eyesight, especially for those who are continuously involved in a screen activity.


Planting Trees and Flowers

If you have a garden, planting is also an amazing way to keep your children away from screen time. You can teach them how to plant trees and the difference between flowers, seeds, and other things. It will help them learn some natural elements and also teach them about how the environment works.


Drawings and Playing with Colours

Drawings are an important way to manifest ideas on a piece of paper. So, you can involve your children in drawing activities to manifest their basic to advanced ideas on paper. This will help them to be creative and also reduce their screen time for the time being. It also makes them patient because drawing takes patience to craft the best piece within a period.


So, these are some of the activities in which you can keep your children engaged in reducing screen time. It is of utmost importance, especially after the post-pandemic era, where they have been used to screens, and there is more exposure. So, practising these small activities away from screen activities will help them be more focused and creative in their interests.

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