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How to Keep Children Safe While Enjoying Firecrackers This Diwali?

Diwali, known as the Festival of Lights, brings excitement and a colorful celebration loved by both kids and adults. It’s a time for sweets, new clothes, and dazzling fireworks that we eagerly look forward to every year. However, it’s essential to stay safe while enjoying the festivities.

Unfortunately, Diwali also sees an increase in accidents and injuries. Even though it’s a holiday, hospitals and fire departments remain on high alert. Every year, we see cases of burn injuries and accidents that could have been prevented. Additionally, with the ongoing pandemic, it’s crucial for families to take extra precautions.


How To Ensure a Safe and Memorable Diwali for You and Your Children

Mishandling fireworks is a common cause of accidents during Diwali. Parents should understand fireworks safety, especially when it comes to children. Make sure you choose fireworks suitable for your child’s age and never allow young children to handle fireworks without close adult supervision. Even seemingly harmless sparklers and flowerpots can lead to serious injuries if safety guidelines are ignored. Enjoying a fun Diwali celebration is all about following a few simple rules.

Here we discussed some tips to make your Diwali celebration safe and enjoyable for the whole family.

Follow These Do’s For Having A Safe Diwali

  • Enjoy indoor activities like decorating your home, playing games, or having a movie night to keep everyone entertained indoors.
  • If you must have firecrackers, buy them from a licensed shop. Store them in a closed safety box, away from sources of fire, and out of reach of little ones.
  • Always follow the instructions and safety precautions on the firecracker boxes.
  • Only light fireworks in open spaces where you can keep a safe distance. Wear a mask, and face shield, and avoid using sanitizer near fire.
  • When lighting rockets, make sure they face upwards, not towards open windows or doors.
  • Light crackers from an arm’s length away and have a bucket of water nearby to discard used fireworks.
  • Keep a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher handy for safety.
  • Ensure kids wear the right footwear when lighting fireworks.
  • Park your vehicles in the garage to keep them safe.
  • Dress your kids in lightweight, fitted cotton clothes while bursting crackers.
  • Consider using eco-friendly fireworks or non-polluting alternatives to traditional crackers for a greener Diwali.

By following these simple do’s, you can ensure a safe and joyous Diwali celebration, protecting your loved ones while creating beautiful memories to cherish.

Avoid These Don’ts For Having A Safe Diwali

  • Skip burning fireworks in crowded or indoor spaces and narrow lanes.
  • Keep a safe distance from others to maintain social distancing and resist shaking hands and hugging.
  • Always supervise kids when they burst crackers and don’t let them do it on their own.
  • Don’t store fireworks in pockets or bags.
  • Avoid examining unexploded crackers; it’s safer to light a new one.
  • Never hold firecrackers in your hands while lighting them.
  • Opt for non-flammable, well-fitted clothing, avoiding silk and synthetic materials.
  • Keep lit diyas or candles away from flammable materials like curtains.
  • Light one firecracker at a time, avoiding multiple ignitions to prevent accidents.
  • Use safe lighting methods; avoid matches or lighters.
  • Refrain from experimenting with or making your own fireworks.
  • Avoid bursting crackers on roads to prevent accidents.
  • Choose gentler fireworks for younger children, like sparklers.
  • Don’t forget to wear your mask consistently and stay safe indoors as much as possible.
  • Respect local time restrictions for firecracker usage, especially late at night.

By avoiding these don’ts you will ensure a safer and more enjoyable Diwali celebration.

With some added safety measures, you and your kids can enjoy a fantastic Diwali. This year, it’s all about staying indoors and keeping a safe distance, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. You can even opt for an eco-friendly Diwali without firecrackers to show your kids that the festive season can be both exciting and good for the environment!

Ensuring the safety of children while enjoying firecrackers during Diwali is of utmost importance. By following the recommended safety measures and guidelines, you can create a memorable and secure Diwali celebration for your little ones. And for all your toy and gift needs, remember to visit Curiokid, the best toy shop in Ahmedabad to add an extra touch of joy to your festivities.

Wishing you a Safe and Happy Diwali!


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