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6 Signs Shows That Your Child Loves You

Parents often have this tendency to think about whether their child loves them. It is generally possible in those early days of parenthood; therefore, it is essential to learn the signs that can show whether the child loves you or not.

As attachment is a small process and, therefore, takes time, and thus, the child develops this love gradually. Therefore, it is a normal tendency to this doubt whether a child loves you or not.

Parenthood is a blissful feeling where you say goodbye to your goodnight’s sleep, and there are increased responsibilities. Therefore, it is a normal tendency to know about parenting tips for parents and also to know the signs your child loves you or not.

Read on to identify 6 signs that signify that your child is securely attached.

Smile: Smile is a gesture that solves significant problems in life. It does depict not only an emotion but also makes the relationship. Therefore, as a parent, when your child always smiles with you or looks at you, you can sense that there is a sense of satisfaction in that smile. Therefore, this shows that a child loves you from the bottom of their heart.

Sense of Security: Small toddler is always secure when they are around their parents. But when they generally grow up, if they feel the same sense of security and express such security to you while talking or taking you to their place wherever they go, then it is clear they love you.

Interaction with you: If they interact with you and share all your secrets, it creates the feeling that they love you enormously. Interaction solves significant problems, and sharing every part of their childhood with you creates a feeling that they have a special place in their heart and the most important person is you.

Staring at you: A child right from birth recognizes only their parents. So, their first image is of their parents, and while growing up, when there is a tremendous sense of belongingness to you and if they stare at you continuously, they love you zillionth time than others.

Respect: Respect is a sign which shows a sense of belongingness, and they respect you for what you are in their life. When they are in a problematic situation and always think of you respectfully, it shows they love you.

Imitating Behaviour: Children enjoy imitating you in every aspect, and when they feel that whatever you do is always right, this shows that they love you a lot. Imitating behavior also shows that they want to be like you, which symbolizes that they love you.


So, these are sure signs which show that they love you from the bottom of their heart. Children might not be aware of expressive ideas, so they cannot clearly express their feelings. There might be situations where you might feel that whether they love you or not, this does not show that they don’t love you.

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